Kostas Pavlis


As an Architect-Engineer I have designed and built over 100 industrial buildings during my 39-year career as:
- Pastry factories
- Bread and bakery factories as

NIKAS Pizza factory for the whole group (2,000 frozen pizzas per hour) in which the main production lines were supplied by the company COMAS (Schio Vicenza Italia) I have also studied many factories in food industry:

Meat production (animal farms and slaughter houses) Factory processing of meat - meat products - sausage production.

Processing of edible table olives (Kalamon) Oil production Orange juice factory and juice packaging in fresh air (tetra pack) - AMITA juices Citrus packers Dairies Logistics Super markets Every type of domestic buildings as:

1) Villas

2) Detached houses

3) Apartment buildings

4) Hotels

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